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Frankenstein Junior is that little child who lives inside each one of us, ever desiring to be free in harmony with the universe surrounding him. He’s thought-free, spontaneous, sincere and curious to discover the world which he sees as positive and rich in resources.
The Doctor is the representation of rebirth!

Thanks to his hellish machinery, to mad research and to a centaury-long ambition he can supply a new brain, a new way of thinking, new eyes and a new day, but not always does he allow his creatures to choose in accordance to their nature.
Then who is Doctor Frankenstein? A man? A scientist?
Nothing of the above!

He is society, influencing us with its devious contro.

Frankenstein Junior, the new creature, like each and everyone of us. Lives in a system which he accepts but which does not allow him to manage is own free will. The globalization and conformism are a kind of “Doctor Frankenstein effect” which deprive us of the possibility of choosing and reasoning, as if we had a new brain inplanted in our heads.

In the genesis of Frankenstein Junior, the Doctor, after having “brought him back to life” forces the little Frankenstein to become a prototype of the perfect man: good-looking, full of muscles, virile, a superficial artist and most of all a perfect integration of the social fabric. To pursue his intent, he convinces Frankenstein Junior to take part in a talent show in order to gain visibility, fame, money and beautiful women.
The creature is disorientated but he takes part anyway.

He appears as a loser in the eyes of the jury who can’t percieve his virtues.
The Doctor intervenes several times, but in the end he loses control of his magic weapon, rich in incredible powers and creating a superhuman amplified effect which highlights the presumed virtues of the participants.
“The woman having cosmetic surgery”, hit by the scientist’s ray, ends up with a much bigger breast.
The bodybuilder becomes a mountain of muscles which bellows above his “little head”.

Even the tall lady is transformed and becomes as thin as a feather, lifts from the ground and drifts into the air!
What happens to little Frankenstein Junior? Well yes! He too has something which makes him special!
An enormous “swanstuck” better known as a corpus cavernosum which becomes so big that he wins throne!

Now he’s sitting on that throne both lost and winning, he is thinking about the fact that maybe once the lights go down, he might not feel so happy and fulfilled as everyone expects.
Frankenstein Junior is positive anyway!
Deep down he knows that the universe needs time to realize his most profound desires..
One day it will all come true…